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Photo Credit: Thaedriel Photography -Finding bliss in Japan

Hi, i'm Kait

Let me help you create the life of your dreams. One filled with purpose and fulfillment

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Living out my dreams in Italy

As a Life Coach and previous mental health therapist I'm on a mission to help people discover their purpose and create the life of their dreams. I work with individuals to tap into their authenticity, rewrite their stories the way they want them to go, and remove barriers keeping you from reaching your highest potential in this life time!


I can't wait to share with you the tools and teachings that will lead to you  achieving all of your goals and set you on the path to your dream life.

Surrounded by beauty in Brazil
"Kait is truly making a difference in this world, one client
at a time!"-SK

Kait is an exceptional Coach I highly recommend her." KT 

Kait's tools helped me prioritize my life to find inner happiness in a way I never had before. I would recommend her as it has changed my life dramatically. Thank you Kait!" - NM
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